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CCAGShow Attendee Information

CCAG Attendee Information

Thank you for interest in coming to CCAG as an attendee! Our sixth big year is packed with many interesting sights and experiences for the computer and video game collector! :)

Date and Time

The show will be held Saturday July 21, 2018 & Sunday July 22, 2018 from Noon to 7 PM. If you show up early, you will be turned away; so, do not show up early. REPEAT! DO NOT SHOW UP EARLY!

Free Chances to win great prizes!

Yes, every person receives one free prize giveaway ticket! Free, do you hear? FREE!!. Such a deal! :)

Additional tickets for the prize giveaways are a dollar each, or 7 tickets for a mere $5.

The prize giveaways will be various times throughout the day. A full listing of times and prizes will be given out at the door.

You must be present to win. The winner will be responsible for any applicable taxes and - perhaps most importantly - carting whatever we will be giving away off of the premises by the close of the show. (Depending on what we eventually find to give away, you might need a truck, van, or buddy with a truck.) There are no on-site storage facilities!

Food and Drink Available

No need to leave early because you are hungry! There is food and drink available at CCAG! The Soccer Sportsplex has a concession area that serves beer, snack foods, beer, sandwiches and beer. Just the place to kick back, take a break, and "talk shop" and show off your "finds" with your fellow collectors. Oh and there's beer there too! ...And a Touch of Security

While on the grounds of the facility, all persons will have their wristbands.


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